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Tanvi Microderma brassion Unit with Alluminium crystal and diamond bur

Quick Overview

Features :
* Acne Scarring & Scar Tissue
* Clears Wrinkles & Fine Lines
* Photo Damages
* Melasama
* Pigmentaion Marks
* Stretch Marks
* Hyperpigmentation
* Open Pores
GMDN: 34669
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Specifications :
* The modern therapeutic treatment of derma peel microcrystal skin abrasion treats a wide range of special treatements for face and body skin from a light peeling upto an intensive skin abrasion.
* This method is very effective in any case but gentle to the skin.
* this device works on the state of the art abrasion technology allowing controlled and very exact mode of operation .
* Microcrystals are bombarded and vacuumed at high speed across the skin surface to perform epidermal resurfacing with no risk of contamination.
* Physicians can use the Derma peel system as a pre-operative procedure for laser resurfacing and cosmetic surgery .


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