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Tanvi C-arm Compatible Hydraulic Operation Table with Radiolucent Top & Base With Orthopedic Attachment

Quick Overview

• Radioluscent top allowing clear image on C-arm monitor.
• Eccentric tabletop giving maximum coverage for C-arm reversible head and leg position.
• Heavy frame provided for fixing of gears on the sides of table which do not interfere with the movement of C-arm.
• Comes with rectangular hydraulic pump system which occupies minimum space, thus less interference to C-arm movement.
• Back break, trendleburg, lateral tilt can be achieved by operating corresponding gear.

Additional Features:

• Shoulder Support, Screen, Traction Kit, Lateral Support, Radiolucent arm board, Perennial Support, Knee Chest position spine surgical attachment provided, Interlock femur nail fixation arrangement, Litho Rods.

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• Table Top: 21* X 72*
• Elevation: 34* - 43.5* (Without mattress)
• Trendleburg: Each 30 degree
• Lateral tilt: Each 30 degree
• Back Break: 90 degree up.
• Weight without attachments: 250 kg.


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