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Tanco Distill Water Still In All Glass PLT-158 (10 Ltr)

Quick Overview

Product Overview:
  • Tanco Distill Water Still is used for removing all types of impurities organic, inorganic, gaseous, bacterial and pyrogenic leaving a final pure distillate.
Model No. WSG-10
Flask Capacity 10 Ltr
Operating Voltage 220 Volts AC
Available Models Single Stage, Double Stage, Triple Stage

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  • Entire range is fabricated using premium quality glass material
  • Distillation apparatus consists of flask with heating elements embedded in glass
  • Fused in spiral type coil internally of the bottom and tapered round glass
  • Fitted with automatic low level water cut-off device.
  • Constant level arrangement for water. Individual pilot lights on the front panel to show the status of water level and water flow.
  • Complete with metallic stand rings and clamps to hold flasks condenser electric board with switch, neon light indicator and connecting cord


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