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Tanco High-Temperature Oil Bath (PLT-121) 32ltr

Quick Overview

Product Overview:
  • Tanco High-Temperature Oil bath is commonly used to heat reaction mixtures more evenly.
Material (Inner Tank And Lid) Stainless Steel
Material (Outer Chamber) Mild Steel
Model No. HOB 3
Internal Dimensions 350 x 350 x 250 mm
Approximate Capacity 32 Ltr
Heating Load 4.5 KW
Temperature Controlled 1.5 KW 2.0 KW
Temperature Range 500C to 250°C
Temperature Accuracy ± 3°C
Operating Voltage 220 Volts AC (50 Hz)

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  • Oxidation stability test on oils, greases, etc
  • High-Temperature control having high thermal efficiency
  • Double walled High-Temperature
  • Tolerate High-Temperatures with ease
  • Heating elements are positioned in the floor and side walls
  • Natural mixing of the medium arises
  • Providing better temperature distribution in the bath
  • Thermal loss is prevented by filling mineral wool
  • Heater protection stainless steel perforated cover
  • Stirring arrangement F. H. P. stirrer fitted
  • Stirring speed can be regulated by speed regulator
  • Microprocessor based
  • Digital temperature indicator cum controller
  • Optional features:
  • Temperature control by profile (micro programmable) controller


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