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Tanco Industrial drying oven OVI-8 96 tray

Quick Overview

Features :
* Triple Walled Industrial Drying Oven (Tray Drier) is Suitable for heat treatment, baking and drying applications in industries, or Institutes engaged in the production of vaccines.
* Tablets, Bottle Sterilizing Drying Chemicals, PCB Processing, Armature Windings, Soaking electronic components like Yoke, Coils, EHT Coils, Transformers etc.

GMDN: 43013
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Specification :

* Triple walled construction on heavy iron angle, inner chamber made of Mild steel painted with temp. resistant paint and outer finished with hammer tone paint
* Forced convection system by motor & blowers fitted ensures good mixing, strong dispersion and maintains higher temperature uniformity inside the chamber & no cross contamination.
* Air circulation is provided by heavy duty blower with ventilators are provided on the top of Oven.
* Thermal loss is prevented by filling mineral wool (Insulation) in space between the outer body & Inner chamber.
* Door Gasket fixed on the double walled door for proper sealing.
* Fitted with heavy hinges with a ball catcher, spring loaded door closing device. Door is duly insulated.
* Tubular Air heaters made of SS are placed at bottom and sides for uniform heat distribution.
* Temperature is controlled by electronic digital temperature indicator cum controller from 50°C to 250°C ± 5°C. fitted on the front panel for easy operations.
* Temperature is displayed by Digital LED with SV and PV display at front of the oven.
* Front Panel is provided with ON/OFF switch, temperature controller and indicators
* Supplied with other accessories but without trays & trolley.
* Operating Voltage: 440 Volts three phase AC supply.

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