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Tanco Heating Mantles PLT-165 (HMT-3)

Quick Overview

Product Overview:
  • Tanco Heating Mantles are laboratory equipment used to apply heat to containers, as an alternative to other forms of a heated bath.
Model No. HMT-3
Power Supply 220 / 230 Volts A.C. Supply
Multi-Size 500-2000 ml
Watts 450
Circuits 1

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  • Upper circuits could be switched off
  • Smaller sizes flask is being heated or when the liquid level is dropped
  • Electric heating net is hand knitted from glass yarn to attain temperature up to 300°C
  • Body of the mantle is one piece from non-rusting aluminum
  • Lagged with special created mineral wool provided with on/off switch and pilot lamp.
  • Supplied complete with cord & plug to work on single phase


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