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Tanco freeze drier chamber capacity 3.25

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Features :* Model: Floor/Table top type
* Temperature range: -80° C/-40° C
* Display resolution of 0.1° C
* Digital Microprocessor based PID temperature indicator cum controller
* Control readout for Actual and Set point
* Temperature Sensor Pt 100-3 wire (RTD), Class A.
* Vacuum pump- Hindhivac make
* Vacuum pump capacity, Double stage direct drive, 100l/min
* Vacuum indication by Analog Pirani Gauge
* Vacuum level up to 0.01/0.001 mbar
* Safety cut off for vacuum pump, HP/LP for compressor
* Dry chamber size: 150 mm diameter x 225 mm height
* Cold trap chamber: 150 mm diameter x 350 mm depth
* Ice condensing capacity: 4kg
* Dry Chamber made of Stainless steel 304 grade dully polished with acrylic top cover
* Cold trap Stainless steel 304 grade dully polished with acrylic door
* Top cover Stainless steel 304 grade dully polished
* Outer made of Mild steel CRCA sheet with powder coated
* Insulation by High density PUF - polyurethane foam/foam sheet
* No. of Ports: 8 with 12 manifold (Includes spare 4 nos.)
* CFC free Single stage refrigeration system for cooling up to -40° C
* CFC free double stage (Cascade) refrigeration system for cooling below -40° C
* Hermetically sealed Emerson make compressor
* CFC free Refrigerant: R404a, R508b
* Fin and tube air cooled type condenser
* Provision to drain Condense water of cold trap
* Wheels for easy moving (for floor models)
* Power supply-Single Phase-230 VAC, 50 Hz
GMDN: 35704
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Specification : * Tanco freeze drier

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