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Tanco Environmental Chamber 700*640*970mm

Quick Overview

Features :
* Also Used for forestry research works propagation of seeds, and incubation that requires a controlled environment (hot/cold cycles and light dark operations).
* It provides the necessary light, enclosed humid atmosphere and warmth for successful plant growth suitable for investigation in the eftect of day light on flowering cycle, growth rate etc. & have a variety of usage in R&D laboratories and research studies.

GMDN: 16327
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Specification :
* It offers unsurpassed accuracy and reliability in the control of temperature, humidity and lighting. energy efficient lighting systems, culminating in plant growth chambers with a wider performance range, greater control of conditions and with unequalled reliability and durability.
* Programmable to enable true dawn/dusk simulation - reduces light shock
* Reduce heating effects on plant materials.
* Enable easy cleaning and servicing.
* Ensure constant light output by maintaining lamps at their maximum operating temperature.
* Robust construction outer chamber is made of Mild Steel duly pre treated & finished with powder coated paint for lasting finish.
* Inner chambers are made of STAINLESS STEEL SHEET (304 Grade).
* Outer front double walled door is insulated and is fitted with magnetic tape for air tight closing for no temperature loss, provided with lock and key arrangement.
* A full view inner plexi-glass door enables inspection and monitoring of inner chamber specimens without disturbing the process temperature.
* Door operated illumination lamp is fitted inside the chamber for easy visibility.
* Exterior illumination with the help of fluorescent lamps/tubes accounts for artificial daylight conditions.
* Energy efficient - high frequency fluorescent lighting uses up to 25% less energy than ordinary fluorescent lamps
* Light regulation allows user to select exactly the desired lighting level between approximately 10 to 100% output- provides maximum lighting uniformity at low light levels.
* Fitted with durable coaxial blower for forced air circulation at triple walled back to maintain temperature uniformity in the chamber.
* Inner chamber has ribs for placing the shelves at convenient levels.
* Heating elements are placed in the path of moving air duly insulated from the body.
* Cooling is done by finned tube evaporator lie in the air circulation path by ISI marked Compressor/Condensing Units CFC free & R-134 a eco friendly refrigerant.
* Safety Thermostate to prevent over heating.
* Caster wheels mounted for easy portability.
* Supplied with cord and plug.
* Operating Voltage: 220 Volts AC (50 Hz).

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