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Tanco Buchi Evaporator Deluxe Model 1.00 ltr (PLT-256)

Quick Overview

Product Overview:
  • Tanco Buchi Evaporator Deluxe Model is used for vacuum distillation of solvent at high and low temperature achieved quickly and efficiently by use of a heavy duty motor.
Speed 90 RPM To 240 RPM
Work On 220 Volts AC
Flask Capacity 1 Ltr
Water Bath Capacity 1 Ltr
RPM Range 20-240 RPM

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  • It has a non-sparking motor reduces risk of fire at variable speed.
  • Fitted with speed regulator for minor speed adjustable
  • It permits continuous feed of solvent into evaporating pear shape flask
  • Low noise
  • User friendly ergonomic design
  • All glass parts are easily replaceable
  • Digital RPM meter at an extra cost
  • Water bath with digital controller
  • Condenser (corning glass) double coiled
  • Digital RPM/Speed meter
  • Rotation by DC motor
  • Hydraulic lift enables to life the entire glass portion


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