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Tanco BUCHI Evaporator Flask capacity 1ltr

Quick Overview

* It is used for vacuum distillation of solvent at high and low temp.
* Having non-sparking motor reduces risk of fire at variable speed for variety of use (90 RPM to 240 RPM).

* It permits continuous feed of solvent into evaporating pear shape flask and also distillation under control atmosphere.
* All glass parts are easily replaceable. It is supplied with 1 Lt. evaporator and receiving flask.
* Steam duct a condenser, inlet feed 2 clamps, a dry unit wire cord and Plug to work on 220 volts AC.

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* Fitted with quick action jack.
* Flask Capacity 1 Ltr
* Flask Capacity 3 Ltrs.
* Flask Capacity 5 Ltrs.
* Water Bath for 1 Ltrs. Capacity.
* Digital RPM Meter at an Extra Cost
* Water bath with Digital Controller
* Condenser (Corning Glass) double coiled

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