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Tanco Autoclave (horizontal)(500x300mm) (PLT-102)

Quick Overview

Product Overview:
  • Tanco Autoclave is a device that is used for steam to sterilize equipment and other objects.
Inner Dimensions 300x500mm (Diameter x Height)
Inches Conversion 10 x 18
Capacity 22 ltrs
Working Load 2.0 KW
Working Pressure Gauge 10-20 psi
Pressure Gauge 0-30 psi
Sterilizing Pressure 1.2 kgf / cm (15psi)at 121°C
Pressure Gauge 0-2.1 kgf / cm² (30 psi)
Operating Pressure From 15 to 20psi (Adjustable)
Inner Pressure Tank Stainless Steel (SS-304)
Basket Made of Stainless Steel
Water Level Indicator Fitted On The Outer Chamber
Boiler - Hydraulically Tested Upto +40 psi
Accuracy + 3 psi
Safety Device Spring Loaded Type
Water Draining System Hand Operated Valve
Heating By ISI Marked Immersion Heaters
Steam & Vacuum Release By Valve
Power Supply 220/230V AC, 50/60Hz

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  • Usage: laboratories, hospitals, nursing homes, pharmaceutical
  • Mounted on a sturdy, heavy M.S. duly painted or stainless steel tubular stand.
  • Lid (single piece door) made of stainless steel tightened by radial locking system.
  • Sealing of lid by neoprene rubber gasket
  • Mineral and glass wool to minimize the heat losses
  • Fitted with separate valves for injecting the steam into the main chamber.
  • Fitted with automatic vacuum breaker to break the vacuum in case of formation of vacuum due to steam condensation.
  • Fitted with automatic low water level cut-off device for prevention of heaters.
  • Fitted with automatic pressure control switch to economizes power consumption by reducing frequent opening of the steam release valve.
  • It cuts off the power supply to heaters when the set pressure is achieved and re-energizes the heating elements when pressure falls below the set point.
  • Fitted with dial thermometer to indicate the inner chamber temperature.
  • Double walled


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