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Features :
* It is designed to move seamlessly with your patient throughout the entire acute care environment, Emergency Room to Operating Room to Patient Room.
* The TBird employs an advanced turbine delivery system in a compact, durable and lightweight package, TBird series provides uninterrupted mechanical ventilation for your critically ill patient. No longer do you need to change ventilators as you move your patient to perform therapeutic or diagnostic procedures. Unlike most ICU ventilator systems that depend on an air compressor or a piped air system, TBird Series is self-contained.
* Its powerful turbine technology provides excellent gas delivery without a need for a compressed air source.
* This turbine, together with an internal and optional external battery, allows the system to be completely independent and mobile.
* The TBird Series incorporated important safety features like Apnea backup ventilation automatically activates whenever patient apnea is detected. The internal battery provides emergency power during temporary power outage, or battery power during short duration transport. An optional external battery provides additional backup and power for longer transports. The front panel locking mechanism prevents accidental changes to control settings during movement.

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* T-BIRD VENTILATOR (Refurbished)


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