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SybronEndo Tf files

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Features : * Improved debris removal - Less apical debris extruded with TF Adaptive vs wave one
* Manual step-back technique extruded 207% more debris from the apex than TF Adaptive.
* Wave One technique extruded 59% more debris from the apex than TF Adaptive.
* Fewer File Breakages - Successful endo through progressive canal negotiation
* TF Adaptive helps clinicians avoid the risk of file fracture:
* Adaptive motion results in resistance to cyclic fatigue.
* Adaptive motion lessens the twisting stress on the file as well.
* TF Files crystalline structure provide a greater range of elasticity.
* More resistance to fracture.
* Superior strength provides high durability

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Specifications : * Elements Motor - Better resistance to cyclic fatigue and there is no need to switch between programmes.
* NiTi Twisted Files - Better stress absorption and greater range of elasticity
* The System - Reduced risk of file breakages and superior strength and higher durability
* TF Adaptive is the innovative endodontic file system brought to you by the inventor of the K-File, combining the intelligence of the Elements Motor with the flexibility of the NiTi Twisted Files.
* Superior strength
* Higher Durability


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