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SybronEndo K3XF .40/.10 25mm

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Features :
* Half the stiffness of other files and two times more resistant to fracture
* Better centering, more stability provided by a third radial land
* Less chance of transportation
* Variable pitch provides more control and channels debris coronally
* The stainless steel Axxess handle ensures better posterior acces

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Specifications : * K3XF NiTi files provide clinicians with the safety and self-centering features of the original K3 plus an extraordinary new level of flexibility and resistance to cyclic fatigue provided by our proprietary R-Phase*! Technology.
* The K3XF is the ultimate in safety, flexibility and control.
* The K3XF System is color-coded with matching K3XF verifiers, obturators, gutta percha and paper points.


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