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Stryker Video Recorder - SDC Ultra

Quick Overview

* Dual-rotation integrated touchscreen
* Front-load patient scheduling
* Full integration with PACS and hospital network
* Easily customizable annotations (by specialty and procedure)
* Intuitive, easy-to-use graphic interface

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* Stryker's SDC Ultra has outdone itself by allowing patient scheduling, video capture and storage, DVD burning and more all in one on a massive 250-gigabyte internal hard drive.
* Also, this system allows for the recording in crisp and clear HD video.
* The SDC Ultra captures images and videos independently on two separate video channels in synchronized mode or in PIP-format.
* All of this is in addition to numerous other features that make management seamless and fluid.
* These other features include: a dual-rotation integrated touchscreen, front-load patient scheduling, full integration with PACS and hospital network, easily customizable annotations (by specialty and procedure) and an easy-to-use intuitive graphic interface.


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