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Stryker Insufflator 45L

Quick Overview

* Redesigned tube set for higher actual flow
* Two additional modes for Bariatrics and vessel harvesting
* Fully integrated color touch screen
* Tubing offerings include:
* High Flow
* High Flow with RTP (real-time pressure sensing)
* Heated High Flow with RTP
GMDN: 16849
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Stryker s 45L PneumoSure insufflator provides exceptional performance with enhanced safety and reliability. This new insufflator is designed to handle the needs of today s dynamic surgical environment and includes 2 additional modes for Bariatrics and Vessel Harvesting.The 45L PneumoSure insufflator offers real time pressure sensing for increased accuracy during a procedure. Its ability to maintain pneumoperitoneum under the most extreme conditions, coupled with a fully integrated color touch screen, allow for increased ease of use with the Stryker 45L PneumoSure insufflator.


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