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STRYKER 1188 - 3 CHIP HD Camera (Refurbished)

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Features :
* One of the necessary elements that makes minimally-invasive surgery possible is an ability view an often small and anatomically crowded work area and to be able to precisely position instruments in that work area.
* Styrker's second generation high-definition instrument, the innovative 1188 HD 3-Chip Camera, does just that by providing images of the highest clarity and quality.
* Optimal clarity and high definition is achieved by 10-bit digital processing techniques, coupled with the device's progressive-scan technology and its 1280 x 1024 native output.
* There are nine specialty settings on the camera that function as aids to surgical standards.
* The 1188 High Definition 3-Chip camera offers the same durable, ergonomic camera head that can now be steam sterilized.
* Standard cable design for multi-specialty use
* Textured finish for secure handling
* Ergonomic, lightweight design for minimally invasive surgery
* Camera button offers 6 functions for complete surgeon control.
* Nine preset surgical specialties
* Dual aspect ratio: HDTV and HD
* Laser welded titanium seal design
* Optimum surgical brightness
* Seamless integration with existing video equipment
* Four programmable buttons for easy control
* Stryker pioneered the first high-definition digital camera for surgical use, and continues to increase the level of innovation

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Specifications :
* The 1188 HD, Stryker s second-generation highdefinition 3 Chip® camera, delivers unsurpassed resolution and optical clarity to the OR.
* The 1188 HD features 1280 x 1024 native output for high-definition video, 10-bit digital processing for improved resolution and increased intraoperative brightness.
* These features merge with direct fiber optical outputs and intuitive user controls, which make the 1188 HD the new standard by which all other medical cameras will be measured.


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