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Sterylab Multi Core 14G 11cm MLC1411

Quick Overview

* Disposable automatic soft tissue biopsy device
* Multi-Core is a true-cut style automatic biopsy device
* Versatile,simple to use and reliable,with an ergonomic design for easy cocking and firing,it represent the state-of-the-art among disposable automatic biopsy instruments
* Spring loaded stylet and cannula harvest diagnostic quality specimens with minimal tissue displacement
* Multi-core can be operated easily with one hand,making it idle for procedures requiring ultrasound guidance
* The needle is available in ECHONOX, an echo reflecting stainless stell patented by STERYLAB, and is entirely visible under ultrasound
* Multi-core is available in the following releases:
-Multi-core plus: Needle made from ECHONOX
-Multi-core DC: with detachable cannula for single-access multiple procedures
-Multi-core SET-TAC: Specific set with less invasive introducer needle for co-axial procedure under CT scanning
* Available in variety of gauge sizes and centimeter lengths
* Color coded for easier needle size (gauge) determination
* Sterile,single patient use

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* Gauge (mm): 14
* Length (cm): 11
Packaging: 15


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