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Sterylab Fast Cut B 18G 20cm FSC1820B

Quick Overview

* Disposable biopsy needle for automatic gun
* Fast-cut B, designed to work with MAGNUM (CR-BARD) biopsy device,permits the operator an easier and safer biopsy manoeuvre
* The sample-notch designed is shaped to collect tissue without damage
* Loading is easy with the use of removable spacer (included)
* Centimetre marks allow easy and safe depth needle placement
* Echo-marker is provided in the tip to allow correct needle s deployment under ultrasound guidance
* All needles are color coded for ease in guage selection
* Wide range of sizes
* Sterile,single patient use: Reduction of infection hazard

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* Gauge (mm): 18 (1.20)
* Length (cm): 20
Packaging: 25


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