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Stark: Vessel sealing system

Quick Overview

• Monopolar
• Bipolar
• Vessel Sealing
• Under Water Cutting
Smart Tissue Sensing Technology:
• Constantly monitors the varying tissue impedance and controls the energy delivery to create a wide range of desired tissue effect. This technology dynamically varies the High frequency current and voltage which leads to enhanced performance using low power settings resulting in reduced tissue damage and faster recovery
Vessel Sealing:
• Stark provides real time tissue impedance feedback with auto power delivery to efficiently and effectively seal vessels. Multi- step controllers enable our system to be consistent, and ensure that theseal is uniform, flexible and reliable
Intuitive Bipolar:
• The device is equipped with Intuitive Bipolar with AUTO START and AUTO STOP modes.
• AUTO START:This allows the unit to automatically deliver the desired power by sensing the tissue presence within the jaws of the instrument. It comes with a unique feature called bipolar dissection.
• AUTO STOP : By continuous measurement of tissue impedance, the device will automatically stop the energy delivery after obtaining the optimum coagulation. This minimizes the sticking effect and also reduces thermal spread due to precise energy delivery
User Progammable Profiles
• This allows multiple users or even one single user to store and recall their own individual preferredsettings. This gives ease of use by allowing the user to select their own customized setting for the particular surgical case
Patient Return Electrode Contact Quality Monitoring:
• PRE-CQM monitors the contact quality of the return electrode in real time. It establishes a baseline and uses it as a reference to monitor the contact area. If the contact area reduces, it automatically stops the energy delivery and gives an error message along with an audible alarm

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Monopolar Coagulation Modes:
• Watt(W): 120
• Resistance(Ω): 500
• Crest Factor: 10
• Watt(W): 150
• Resistance(Ω): 500
• Crest Factor: 7
• Watt(W): 120
• Resistance(Ω): 500
• Crest Factor: 5.5
• Watt(W): 120
• Resistance(Ω): 150
• Crest Factor: 1.5
Bipolar Modes:
• Watt(W): 120
• Resistance(Ω): 100
• Crest Factor: 1.5
• Watt(W): 100
• Resistance(Ω): 100
• Crest Factor: 1.5
• Watt(W): 120
• Resistance(Ω): 100
• Crest Factor: 1.5
• Low Ligate: 5 levels
• Hi Ligate: 2 levels


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