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St.Stone(Boston Ivy) Central Venous Catheter Quad Lumen 8.5Fr x 16cm

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Kit Contents :
• Central Venous Catheter (8.5Fr x 16Ccm) with Suture Wing
• SS Guide wire with advancer (0.035”.J x 50cm)
• Guiding Syringe 5ml
• Introducer Needle 18G
• Scalpel #11
• Dilator’s 9Fr
• Wound Dressing pad
• Patient Job Card

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• It is catheter placed into a large vein in the neck (internal jugular vein), chest (subclavian vein or axillary vein) or groin (femoral vein) .
• It is used to administer medication or fluids, obtain blood tests(specifically the “central venous oxygen saturation”), and measure central venous pressure.


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