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SS White V-Taper 2H Rotary NiTi File Rotary System Assorted Pack 3 Files Per

Quick Overview

Features :

* Deep Apical Shaping with Conservative Coronal Shaping
* The V-Taper 2H Rotary NiTi File System
* Deep apical shape creates better access for irrigation and cleaning, and 3D obturation
* Variable taper design creates conservative coronal shape, preserves dentin
* 1-2 files per case, lowest cost for shaping per root canal procedure
* Strongest tested file system on the market

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Specifications :
o Electric motor recommended for use with rotary NiTi files
* Speed of use - 200-400 RPM (250 ideal)
* Torque control - 65% or 455 g-cm torque
* V-Taper tactile control
* Files advance naturally with light pressure
* Use a slow, controlled motion Always use lubricaton with each file
* Recapitulate with hand file between each rotary file
* Irrigate between each rotary file
* Files can be used safely in 3-4 canals


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