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Contec SPO2/ NIBP Monitor CMS 5100

Quick Overview

• Be applicable for NIBP and SPO2 monotoring of adults,pediatric and neonate patient .
• High brightness led display of NIBP ,SPO2 and pulse rate ambulance/emergency room /obstetrics/gynecology and pediatrics
• Built in rechargeable lithium polymer battery for uninterrupted monitoring
• Visual and audible alarm
• Systolic pressures (SYS),diastolic pressure(DIA),Mean pressure(MAP),SPO2 and pulse rate (PR),upper and lower limit of alarm
can be set
• Unique flash memory ,storage for up to 2000NIBP data or spo2 data within 48 hour
GMDN: 36349
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• Method oscillometry Modes Auto/manuals/continuous
• Measurement range 25-26ommhg
• Accuracy systolic/Diastolic/Map Spo2
• Measurement range 0-100%
• Accuracy: ±2% during 70% ~100%
• Alarm range:0-100% Pulse rate Range 20-254pm Accuracy ±2bpm


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