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Siemens Touching BTE

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* 100% digital signal processing chip
* Excellent digital output performance with low distortion, and low noise Automatic MNR (Microphone Noise Reduction)
* Advanced feedback cancellation system
* New robust design with stronger and humidity resistance exterior
* Rocker volume control
* Single easy to adjust NH trimmer
* Button control with two functions ÿ Soft/Loud
* Suitable for people with moderate hearing loss

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SIEMENS Touching BTE : Siemens is the world's largest manufacture of hearing aids. This NEWLY INTRODUCED Touching model is, Ready-To-Wear, 100% pure digital, mini-size, high power, Behind-the-Ear (BTE) hearing aid, and suitable for moderate hearing loss. TOUCHING provides superior sound quality with low distortion - at a very competitive price. Unique in its class, TOUCHING uses a highly advanced feedback cancellation system, for comfortable hearing.


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