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Siemens Servo 300a Ventilator with screen

Quick Overview

Features :
* Customizable respiratory patterns
* Supported and controlled ventilation modes
* Easy setup using context-sensitive controls
* Automatic emergency battery backup
* Auto mode
* Neonate to adult patient range
* Wide range of ventilation modes
* Easy to use
* O2 air gas module filters bacteria.

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Specifications :
* Modes : Invasive
* Pressure-Controlled Modes: Pressure control, Pressure support, SIMV (Pressure control) +Pressure support, Pressure Regulated Volume control, Volume support, CPAP
* Flow-Controlled Modes: Volume control; SIMV (Volume control) + Pressure support,
* Waveforms: Pressure: Rectangular, Adjustable Slope; Flow: Rectangular, Adjustable Slope


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