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Siemens Avanto MRI Scanner (Refurbished)

Quick Overview

* Exceptional image quality
* Faster acquisition and exam time
* Higher SNR

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* High diagnostic confidence due to exceptional magnet homogeneity for excellent fat saturation
* Large 50 cm Field-of-View providing an excellent view of pathologies
* Strong gradients for high resolution and short scan times
* Siemens-unique TimCT technology with Continuous Table movement for CT-like scanning
* AudioComfort reducing sound-related irritation for the patient by up to 97%1
* Low-to-the-floor table position of just 47 cm making it accessible for a wide range of patients
* Feet-first exams for nearly all MRI procedures (e.g. for claustrophobic patients)
* No table movement restrictions for patients up to 250 kg


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