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Shivam Dental Tempfil-G

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Features :
* Use an instrument to fill the required quantity into the wet cavity.The hardening process starts after a few minutes. Avoid any exposure to chewing pressure for about 2 hours after application.
* Deep cavities need not be filled completely. If the material is used to close up a drug, pressure-free application is recommended.
* Use rotary instruments to remove the temporary filling. Remove the Tempfil- G filling with a stiff probe.
Note * Due to sensitivity to moisture, close the tube or jar immediately after removing the material, since otherwise the viscosity of the material increases (due to the entry of moisture), and the material may no longer be extractable.

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Specifications :
* Tempfil- G are temporary filling materials self-curing under humidity for temporary filling of cavities.
* The final hardness of the three variants decreases in the sequence of listing.
* Tempfil- G can be removed in one piece without residue.
* 1X40g Plastic Jar in Mono Pack


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