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Semi Automated Biochemistry Analyzer Erba Chem 5 Plus V2

Quick Overview

• Most Economical system using only 300 µl of reagent per test
• Memory storage of 1000 results, 2 levels monthly Q.C Data
• High resolution backlit graphic LCD display
• Versatile 10 Analytical options with unique Triple cuvette system
• User friendly software
• Intelligent and easy to use cost effective system
• 150 open test programs
• Built in self diagnosis and Help key
GMDN: 47868
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Analytical Options: 1-Point Linear, 2-Point Linear, RateA Linear, 1-Point
Options: Non-Linear, 2-Point Non-Linear, Rate A Non-linear, 1-Point Sample Blank Linear, 1-Point Sample Blank Non-Linear, Absorbance and Coagulation
Test Programme: 150 totally OPEN test programs, directly selectable through keypad
Optical System: Static photometer
Fitters: 8 Interference filters: 340, 405, 450, 505, 546, 578, 630 and 670 nm
Photometric Range: 0-2.5 Abs. with resolution of 0.0001 Abs
Precision: Better than 1% CV
Light source: Halogen lamp 12V/20 Watts
Detector: 8 silicon UVNIS photodiode array
Cuvette: Unique Triple Cuvette System, 18 µl Flow Cell Cuvette, Rectangular polystyrene Cuvette, Round Glass tube for Coagulation
Aspiration Volume: From 300 µl to 999 µl
Zero Set: Automatic
Calibration: Automatic against standard
Temp. Control: Microprocessor controlled peltier element, programmable at 25°C, 30°C & 37°C and OFF
Memory Storage: 1000 Results, 2 level monthly Q.C. data, Reagent Blank
On-board Self-Test: Software driven self-diagnosis for easy maintenance
Keyboard: 24 keys, rugged, water proof, tactile legend membrane panel
Display: High Resolution Graphic LCD 240 x 64 dots with Backlit view area 134 mm x 40 mm
Printer: High Resolution 320 dots per line, thermal type with graphics facility
Interface: USB connectivity to PC, Direct Printer connectivity through USB port, Port for External keyboard
Dimensions: 255 mm (H) x 505 mm (L) x 30 mm (D)
Weight: 13 kgs
Power Requirements: 230v/110v ± 10% 50 Hz, maximum 100w
Main Supply: 18VDC using External SMPS adaptor Max. Power Max. Power 70w
Options Available: External 16 Positions Dry Block Incubator


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    Erba v2
    Review by Nafis / (Posted on 4/15/2017)
    Dear sir/Mam please send prize this product
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