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SEEKER Handy bleaching cum Light cure

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• 980 nm wavelength- The latest wavelength in diode which has 8-10 times higher absorption in oral tissues when compare to similar wavelengths (808, 810, 940, etc.) thus providing more efficient cutting.

• High frequency – 10,000 Hz is definitely required to use high power with safety. High frequency provides you charring free cutting of soft tissue and least or no post operative complications as added advantage. No thermal necrosis or collateral thermal damage occurs with high frequency.

• Super pulsed technology- Shortest pulse can be set as 50 µs. Procedures like perio-pocket sterilization, peri-implantitis, pocket debridement and de-granulation and lot more are best with shortest pulse to avoid any tissue damage or cutting or bone damage.

• Pre-set program- Easy selection made it more user friendly, quick to learn and perform more in less time.

• Adjustable parameters- For those who are into the depth of laser physics, can choose own parameters to treat different tissue condition and textures. Make your own personal parameters according different patient's sensitivity.

• Adjustable volume and light- The powerful aiming beam that will provide you a good vision and guides you where your laser light is falling specially in non-touch technique. Also provided with the option to on or off the light.

• Cost effective fibre spool- Cut down the per patient cost up to times lower comparing to disposable fibre tips. Very light on pocket and more convenient to use.

• Small and compact- That's the beauty of this wonderful design. Can be carried from one clinic to another very easily. Handy and easy for consultation practice.

• Password protected- You can set your own password to avoid misuse of it.

• Interlock key for security- International standards of security are taken care of. Provided with the interlock key.

• Available with Bleaching cum biostimulation tip- Added advantage of bleaching cum bio-stimulation tip included in the kit for teeth bleaching, oral lesion treatment, laser therapies for pain, infection, etc.

• Wireless foot control- for hassle free working, less wiring less worries.

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Specification:•SEEKER Handy bleaching cum Light cure


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