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Scure : Blood Pressure Monitor-Fully Automatic, ArmType


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Features :
* SCURE Fully Automatic, Upper Armband Type, Electronic B.P. Monitor with WHO/ IHB- Arrhythmia detector/ Indication with 2 X 120- Memories.
* It is Fully Automatic Upper Arm band type Blood Pressure Monitor, Model No: DG-5111.
* It has WHO indicator for Normal, Borderline and High Blood Pressure reading indications.
* It has inbuilt IHB (Irregular Heart Beat) indicator for Arrhythmia detection.
* It has 120-Sets of Memories with Day/ Date and Time .
* It has very Large LCD display and gives Blood Pressure , Pulse & Heart Rate readings.
* Fully Automatic One Button Operation, automatic Inflation and deflation.
* Measuring Range from 0 - 300 mmHg for Pressure by Oscillometric Method.
* Measuring Accuracy: Pressure- /- 3 mmHg.; Pulse-=/-5% of reading.
* Inflation: Automatic by micro Air Pump.
* Deflation: Active Electronic Control Valve.
* Automatic Power off for Power saving.
* Provided with set of 4  AA batteries Included]

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Specifications :
* SCure: Blood Pressure Monitor , Arm Type Fully Automatic with WHO/ Indication / IHB (Irregular Heat Beat Indicator for Arrythmia) , with 240- Memories


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