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Scientech SE - 124 Capacity 6 Ltr / hr Water Still

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* Type : Water Still
* Sub Type :Table Patern-Barnstead
* Capacity (Ltr/hour) :6 Ltr/hr
* Body :Stainless Steel
* Features :Power - 220/230 Volts AC, Load - 4 kw

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Double Walled Construction With Inner & Outer Chamber Made Of S.s. The Gap In Between Being Fitted With Glass Wool. The Condensor & Top Are Also Made Of S.s., The Raw Water Is First Made Of Pass Around The Tubes In The Condensor. Where It Gets Heated Nearly To The Boiling Point Thus Economizing The Heating Energy. The Heated Water Passes To The Evaporator Through A Water Level Maintaining Pipe. Excess Water Is Let Out Through The Drain.


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