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Schiller Medilog (Longterm ECG Recorder) (FD12Plus )


Quick Overview

Product Overview:
  • Schiller Medilog (Longterm ECG Recorder) is used to measures and records heart activity (electrocardiogram or ECG) continuously for several days.
Model Medilog FD12 Plus

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  • Designed for 3 or 12-channel ECG recordings
  • AF/AFL configuration is selected, 3 ECG channels can be recorded for 7 days without having to change the battery
  • Purees technology
  • HRV analysis
  • Fire of life detection
  • Apnea detection
  • ST-/QT-/pacemaker analysis
  • Real-time QRS detection
  • Real-time P-wave detection and atrial analysis
  • Motion analysis
  • Wireless bluetoothTM interface
  • Most sophisticated long-term ECG recorder


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