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Schiller Medilog AR-12Plus 3 Channel Holter Recorder


Quick Overview

Features :
* Single channel OLED display enables preview of pre-hook up quality of ECG signal
* Compact and lightweight recorder (115 gms)
* 3 channel ECG recording with 7 lead patient cable
* Runs with only AAA battery for up to 3 days & extended use upto 7 days with change of battery
* Very high Sampling Rate of 8000 Hz with 12 bit resolution for gold standard Atrial analysis
* Noise suppression upto128 db
* Real time P and T wave detection
* Integrated 3D accelerometer for automatic assessment of motion protocol and patient
* High resolution HRV and pacemaker analysis
* Voice recording
* Water resistant (IP x 4 / IP x 5)
* 3 to 12 lead derived ECG
* EDR (ECG Derived Respiration) for Apnoea detection
* Review of patient hook-up through bluetooth facility(optional)

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Specifications :
* Medilog AR-12Plus 3 Channel Holter Recorder


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