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Schiller Maglife Light S/N MRI Compatible Monitor, adult SpO2 Probe


Quick Overview

Features :
* Large 6.5* colour TFT display
* Compatible with MRI Scanners upto 3 Tesla
* For MR examinations of critical & anaesthetized patients
* Mains & battery operated
* Indication of saturation, pulse or heart rate and non invasive blood pressure values (Sys, Dia, MAP)
* Fibre optic technology for SpO 2
* Visual and audible alarms
* Operates at up to 400 Gauss (40 mT) line
* Standby mode for instant restarting
* Standard external USB port for downloading trends on an external printer
* Choice of NIBP cuff sizes
* All monitored values are automatically trended for 24 hours
* USB Printer for easy software upgradation
* Non magnetic trolley

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Specifications :
* Maglife Light S/N MRI Compatible Monitor, adult SpO2 Probe


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