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Schiller Fred (PA-1)


Quick Overview

Product Overview:
  • Schiller Fred is designed to give a shock automatically or semi-automatically, if needed, without the rescuer having to push a button to deliver that shock.
Model Fred PA-1

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  • By lifting the device cover, the FRED PA-1 starts up immediately and guides the rescuer step-by-step during the entire resuscitation process
  • Simplicity as a priority
  • Available either as semi-automatic or the fully automatic device
  • Automatic version, the FRED PA-1 delivers the shock without any action of the rescuer
  • Semi-automatic version, the FRED PA-1 prompts the rescuer to deliver the shock by pressing the shock button
  • Ease of use: interface with 1-2-3 steps
  • Pre-connected electrodes for faster application to the patient’s chest
  • Automatic self-tests for detection of electrode expiration and battery capacity
  • Trilingual: perfect for an international environment
  • Chest compression assistant:
  • Metronome
  • FreeCPR: feedback on the frequency of the chest compression


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