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Sanjivani Anaesthesia Machine (Popular) SI-62C

Quick Overview

• Sturdy corrosion-resistant body
• Monitor tray with 35 kg load bearing capacity
• Emergency oxygen outlet with pressure release valve
• High-pressure metal tubing
GMDN: 47769
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• Load Capacity: 35 Kg
• Body Material: Mild Steel
• Tray Size: 427 mm x 245 mm
• Tray Material: Stainless Steel
• Castor Wheel: 4 Inch Diameter
• Dimension: 1390mm x 445mm x 490mm
• Construction: Mild Steel body, Powder Coated for high Corrosion resistance with Anesthetic appearance
• Monitor Tray: At eye level with a Load capacity of 35 kg
• Vaporizer: Goldman Halothane Vaporizer and space for 1 No. extra vaporizer
• Emergency Press on Block: Emergency Oxygen cum outlet with pressure release valve facility
• Table Top Tray: Stainless Steel Size: 427mm x 245mm for Anesthetic Tools & Ampule Bins for injections & medicines
• Cylinder Yokes Regulators: Higher efficiency forged regulators & yokes with S.S. fittings one each for oxygen C and nitrous oxide
• Metal Tubing: High-pressure metal tubing for machine circuit
• Mobility: Four 4* diameter anti-static castor wheels with front brakes
• Self-Sealing Valve: Oxygen outlet for Humidifier Bottle. (Single)
• OFWD: There will be an audible & Red Light Alarm if the supply of Oxygen fails in Pipeline
• Dimension: H X W XD = 1390mm x 445mm x 490mm


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