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Sabar Shoulder Support 2130 XL

Quick Overview

Applications :
* Unique support guides and centers the gleno-humeral joint promoting mobility but inhibiting rotation.
* Use as post-operative support to joint and aid for faster healing.
* Provides support, controlled compression and therapeutic warmth to the shoulder and upper arm and allows the athlete or patient to gradually return to full range of motion

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Salient Features :
* Constructed from lightweight and durable thick foam laminated fabric mesh.
* Straps on both the side of arm with buckle provides adequate compression and support to the shoulder.
* Pad at joint gives the wearer extra protection.
* Adjustable strap at arm provides proper grip for lifting the arm.
* Fixes in either left or right arm. Minimizes chance of future injury.
* Inconspicuous and comfortable to wear.
* Machine / hand washable.
* Available in attractive Beige color.


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