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Sabar Maternity Support Belt 4000 Large

Quick Overview

* Maternity Support Belt helps to balance the body weight By gently lifting the extended abdomen and transferring some of its weight from front over the pelvis to back of the spine.
* Relieves lumbar, leg and abdomen muscles pain associated with pregnancy.
* Provides gentle support with maximum comfort without undesirable pressure.
* Ideal to use in condition of 'Pendulous Abdomen'.

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Salient Features :
* Made from lightweight ventilated feather finish elastic and durable foam laminated fabric mesh, that is cool and soft to the skin.
* Constructed in two parts and fully adjustable to accommodate abdominal growth throughout pregnancy.
* Additional diagonal belt ensures that the pregnancy support belt is in proper position.
* Built-in special contoured insert provides extra support in lumbar region and holds the support belt in place and prevents it from rolling.
* Comfortable and inconspicuous when in use.


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