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Sabar Lower Rib Support (for Female) 4510 ( 95 Cms )

Quick Overview

Applications :
* Limits sudden expansion of rib cage following surgery and fracture by providing adequate compression.
* Provides firm and stable support to injured ribs and torso.
* Allows comfortable breathing helps reducing pain and promotes healing.

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Salient Features :
* Constructed from lightweight and durable foam laminated fabric mesh.
* Specially contoured design for female covers 3* wide at front and 6* wide area at back for a comfortable and improved fit.
* Removable splints at sides for adequate compression to lower ribcage.
* Designed to fix from front as well as from back provides wider adjustment and wearing comfort.
* Soft padding at back for support and to avoid irritation.
* Hook and Loop fasteners for easy fixing.
* Available in attractive colours.


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