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Sabar 10" Lumbar Sacro Belt Contoured-double straps 3020 ( 110 Cms )

Quick Overview

• Lumbar Sacro Belt - Alleviates lower back pain by stabilizing lumbar, sacral and pelvic region.
• Gives relief from lumbar sacro spondylosis / degenerated disc disease.
• Provides maximum support to mid and lower back without restricting normal movement.
• Helps to correct Muscular-Skeletal deformities in lumbar region due to wrong posture etc.
• Relieves pain in lumbar region in post-operative / post-delivery condition.

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• Sewn with unique, durable, knitted, ventilated elastic fabric material with foam-based and soft cotton inner lining.
• Three flexible contoured inserts provide stabilization and lightweight support.
• Unique design provides an ultimate tapered padding of special high-density material in spinal cord region.
• Designed as 25 Cms Wide (10* Inches) and having double-strap system provide extra compression with multi elastics to evenly distribute compression across lumbar region & to provide stabilizing support to the abdominal muscles.
• Easy, comfortable & inconspicuous in wear.
• Having wider adjustments in size and Fixes with Hook & Loop fasteners.
• Available in attractive beige colour.
• Hand washable.


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