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Strauss Carbide dental FG bur - 28 MM surgical#

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Features :
* Diamond burs are used for precise drilling and finishing and for grinding where material removal is not a concern.
* Diamond burs produce cleaner cuts and a higher polish than carbide burs. When choosing a diamond bur, consider its grit.
* The diamond bur's grit determines the speed and type of polish. Diamond burs with finer grits achieve a higher polish and finish while diamond burs with coarser grits are suited for heavy material removal.
* Diamond burs are either standard or disposable.
* Standard diamond burs are reusable and should be sharpened and sterilized before use in another procedure.
* Disposable diamond burs are designed for single use and should not be reused in another procedure.
* Pack of 6

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Specifications : * Strauss Carbide dental FG bur  28 MM  surgical#


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