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Schiller Truscope Ultra Q7 (Multi-Parameter Touchscreen Patient Monitor)


Quick Overview

Product Overview:
  • Schiller Truscope Ultra Multi-Parameter Touchscreen Patient Monitor is a multi-functional bedside monitor that enables monitoring and supervision of vital signs of patients at ICUs, operating rooms and at pre- and post-operative wards.
Model Truscope Ultra Q7

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  • 15 inch modular touchscreen patient monitor
  • Modular touchscreen patient monitor offers a wide range of standard and optional parameters
  • Up to 7 lead ECG display (12 lead display optional)
  • Total 10 waveform display simultaneously
  • 9 different screen configurations
  • ST & arrhythmia analysis
  • Drug dose, hemodynamic, renal profile, (nephridium), & oxygenation calculations
  • OXY CRG software
  • External video (VGA) output
  • 168 hours graphical and tabular trends
  • Comes with SD card facility for data storage
  • Non-volatile memory
  • Central monitoring system: wired


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