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RTC Systemi Physiodispenser (Techno Implant)

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Features :
* Surgical Micromotor for Implantology with Physiodispenser
* High perfrmance combined with extreme simplicity, and prvided with a new-concept pedal that represents an abslute novelty.
* Technoimplant is entirely designed and buit by RTC sistemi, both for hardware and software.
* Technoimplant is the result of 10 years' experience in the design and development of electro-medical apparatus for implantology and endodontics, based on well-tested and proven technology.
* Innovative hardware and software to obviate the kinetic energy of the rolating elements-motor and contrangle - which is discharged onto the bur. The torque control will thus be more precise at any speed.
* Five customized programs. Auto memorizalion of the program. Stared programs. Two program management modes: Program Mode or phase mode
* Features: calibration mode, choice of 3 different cooling liquid flows: 60,80 and 110 mi/min, 33 speeds speed variable from 3 to 125000 rpm, reduction ratio can be selected for the hand pieces-the choieces are 1:5, 1:1,16:1,20:1,64:1,and 70:1
* Ranges of speed and torque large enough to allow implant surgery by only one contrangle.
* Pump flow obsoluely constant, with motor pump speed microprocessor controlled.

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Specifications :
* DIMENSION : 255x255x110mm
* MOTOR CASE : Aluminium
* WEIGHT : 2.6kg
* TORQUE : Max.of the motor43.8mNm
* NOISE : <65dBA
* SUPPLY VOLTAGE : AC230/115V = 10%50/60Hz
* POWER : 80VA
* PUSE : 5x20mm 2x0.8AT(Sio-Bio)
* TEMPERATURE OF USE : From +15°C TO +40°C
* STORAGE TEMPERATURE : From +5° Cto +70°c


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