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Romsons Under water seal drainage system - ROMO SEAL MIDI Cap-1200ML


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Features :
* Under water seal drainage system.
* Specially designed drainage bottle suitable for pleural drainage in conjunction with intercoastal drainage catheters.
* Double chamber and single chamber compact unit suitable for all cardiac and thoracic procedures.
* Range suitable for management of major, moderate and minor drainages.
* Easy to read markings help note the drainage volume.
* Clearly marked initial level ensures effective under water seal.
* Write on facility on the side of scale helps in monitoring the collected drained volume precisely.
* Suction port is provided for connection with suction unit.
* Kink resistant large bore tubing facilitates unrestricted flow.
* Metallic hangers for easy attachment to patient's bedside.
* Sterile, individually packed.
Shelf Life: 3 - 5 years
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Specifications :
* Size : Capacity
* Midi : GS-5031 : 1200 ml
* Kid : GS-5032 500 ml


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