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Romsons ROMO JET SYRINGE (without Needle) 20ML


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Features :
Romo Jet*! (Luer Slip) Without Needle (SS-6086)
* Manufactured from medical grade virgin polypropylene.
* Prominent graduation ensures dosage accuracy and avoids wastage of valuable medicine.
* Clear transparent chamber.
* Thermoplastic elastomer gasket is inert hence provides minimum friction during movement and prevents leakage & back flow.
* Sharp triple facetted beveled tip needle for minimum trauma during penetration.
* Ribbon packed in tough laminated film, highly resistant to puncture and tearing.
* Sterile and individually packed.
Shelf Life: 3 - 5 years
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Specifications :
* ROMO JET SYRINGE (without Needle) 20ML
* Box of 25


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