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Romsons Resuscitator Bag - Child and Infant


Quick Overview

Features :
* Resq Bag kit consists of a silicone manual resuscitator, star lumen kink resistant oxygen tubing, reservoir bag, pressure limiting valve and silicone mask.
* Resuscitator and Mask made up from 100% silicone.
* Silicone resuscitator provides bag re-expansion property.
* Pressure limiting valve ensures crucial adjustments for enhanced performance.
* Presence of 360° swivel joint between patient valve and face mask facilitates ease of maneuverability to interface with the patient's posture.
* Autoclavable manual resuscitator.
* Re-usable resuscitator kit along with all the components.
* All connectors (15/ 22mm) as per international standards.
* Individually packed in a box.
Shelf Life: 3 - 5 years
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Specifications :
* Size : Child & Infant


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