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Features :
* Compact, light weight and portable nebulizer for instant relief.
* Handheld and tubeless design.
* Low noise design for nebulization anywhere.
* Comes with patented *VALVE ADJUSTABLE TECHNOLOGY*.
* Average nebulization rate: Fully open- >=0.2ml/min, Closed valve- >=0.08ml/min
* Dimension: 63.1mm *63.9mm *153mm
* Medication capacity: 5ml (cc)
* Consistent particle size: <=3¼m
* Weight: 302.0g
GMDN: 62042 Shelf Life: 3 - 5 years
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Specifications :
* Portneb (GS-9029)
A nebulizer is a type of inhaler that sprays a fine, liquid mist of medication. Nebulizers are commonly used in people who cannot use a metered dose inhaler. PORTNEB consists of an air compressor, a cup for medication, and tubing connected to a mouthpiece or mask through which the medication is inhaled.
* The medications used in nebulizers helps by loosening the mucus in the lungs so that it can be coughed out more easily. They also help relax the airway muscles so that more air can move in and out of the lungs. Breathing the medication straight into the lungs can work better and faster than taking the medication by mouth.


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