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Romsons OXEE CHECK - Pulse Oximeter


Quick Overview

Features :
* Simple and convenient to use.
* Display format : OLED SPO2 & pulse rate display.
* Low power consumption.
* Can be used continuously for up to 30 hrs on two AAA batteries.
* Automatic power off when no signal is detected for 8 seconds.
* Visual window indication for low battery.
* Individually packed.
* Kit consists of : Oximeter, pair of batteries & one strap to hang the machine on the rack.
GMDN: 45607 Shelf Life: 3 - 5 years
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Specifications :
* Oximetery is a procedure for measuring the concentration of Oxygen in the blood. OXEE CHECK features small size, low power consumption, convenient operation and portability.
Photoelectric Oxyhemoglobin Inspection Technology is adopted in accordance with Capacity
* Pulse Scanning and Recording Technology, so that two beams of different wavelength of lights (660nm glow and 940nm near infrared light) can be focused onto a human nail tip through a clamping finger-type sensor.
* A measured signal obtained by a photosensitive element, will be shown on the Oximeter's display through process in electronic circuits and microprocessor shown on the Oximeter's display through electronic circuits and a microprocessor.


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