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Heavy duty absorbency.
Quilted pattern evenly distributes the accumulated fluid.
Soft cloth-like top sheet keeps the user dry.
Tear and slip resistant with waterproof polyethylene back sheet prevents leakage.
Self-releasing silicone adhesive on the edges for proper fixation.
Size : 60 x 90 cm, available in a pack of 10, 3 and 1.
Size : 60 x 60 cm, available in a pack of 20.
Size : 60 x 40 cm, available in a pack of 25
Shelf Life: 3 - 5 years
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Specifications :
* Mattey*! (GS-8414 / GS-8416 / GS-8417)
* Disposable underpads are used universally in health-care settings on medical examining tables, hospital beds and any other areas where patients sit or lie down.
MATTEY underpads are the perfect solution to the problem of fluid accumulation.
* They adhere to the highest product quality and are ideal for patients suffering from prostate disorder, piles, incontinence, diabetes, urology patients, bedridden and disabled patients.
* These underpads lock away any fluid accumulation under the patient, thereby maintain dryness for long term comfort without any irriation to the patient.


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