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Romsons Endo-bronchial suction catheter - GELATO (TC) Size : 06


Quick Overview

Features :
* Endo-bronchial suction catheter with patented non-traumatic flower tip.
* Manufactured from non-toxic and non-irritant medical grade PVC.
* Provided with unique integrated ring type, open end flower-shaped tip to minimize any mucosal damage during the suction procedure.
* Specially designed oro-bronchial catheter is automatically centered during suctioning due to its integral ring type design.
* Smooth tip prevents irritation to tracheal mucosa and adds to patient comfort.
* Provided with two round lateral eyes at the distal end which enables uniform pressure distribution and facilitate efficient and uninterrupted suctioning even if the main tip gets occluded.
* Sterile, individually packed in a peel open soft blister pack.
* Provided with *thumb control system* for efficient suction management.
* Patented flower tip Minimizes mucosal damage
* Automatically centered Open eyes, better suction
Shelf Life: 3 - 5 years
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Specifications :
* Size : Colour Code
* 6 FG : Sea Green
* Box of 100


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